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Written by Jim_Duggan

A long time ago in a cyber café far far away. In the days when the game was pure and the objective was to have a good time. The game was Total Annihilation, and a good time was being had. In the greater City of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida there were a group of independent TA players that gathered at a local Cyber Café to partake in Cash prize tournaments that took place on Saturday night. This is before they discovered Internet play. So each week they went out and fought for glory. Each week playing there hearts out giving it all they got. Inside the group of players was an even tightly wound group who would later turn out to be revolutionary forces in the game of TA. The tournaments were primarily 2on2 10k 10k resources on the metallic world known as Metal Heck. Than TEN came into view for many of the players. Hours were spent sharpening their skillz. Among the group there were teams that stuck together each week, and random partners who were here one second and gone the next. There was a team above all who was the master of their domain. Pendragon and Filter. They brought their game faces and new strategy’s each week. So they were not easily toppled. Each week they came and dominated. The driving force behind the duo was the great Pendragon. Filter was no lightweight himself. Together they claimed many victories and dominated the field of amateurs-seasoned players. Weeks passed with the dynamic duo on top. Than one week it all changed. Filter did not show. So the other half of the duo was forced to side with someone else. That someone else was Zak. Or as you may know him TunaDuggan. It was thought that even without Filter Pendragon would claim victory. It would have been true if it weren’t for the first pairing of Duggans ever. A couple weeks before this event the one now known as Jim made the first duggan appearance on T.E.N. The date was April 16th, 1999. He was a lone ranger with no intent of any kind to form an alliance among players. So at the tournament Pendragon and the would be Tuna were dominating in one bracket. While in the other bracket the deemed duggan brothers Jim and Bil were quietly making there way to the final. To cut to the chase Jim and Bil made it to the finals to face Tuna and Pendragon. Everyone thought Jim and Bil were beat(including Bil and Jim). So the game began. An intense double team began. Bil was taking major damage. Luckily the reckage outside his base bought him enough time to build a fair amount of rapiers. And Tuna and Pen were lacking anti air in there army they were held off for the moment. The whole time Jim was up top taking his time. After a while the game started to become more intense. Bil was getting hammered and guess who came to his aid. No not Richard Simmons. Jim. With and army of Spiders, Brawlers, and Penetrators. Yes now it seems like a frivolous effort but it was extremely effective. When the army outside Bil’s base was no more Jim began attacking Pendragon. He was unprepared for what came his way. The spider-penetrator-brawler combonation took care of the hordes of goliaths that pendragon was known for building. Shortly after the game was over. And Victory was brought home with the name Duggan attached to it. This was the spark that started it all. We did the impossible. Beat the Unbeatable. This was the beginning of a new era.

A couple days after their victory Jim insisted on the formation of “The Legion of Duggans”. And after that, it all began. Jim and Bil began the formation. Quickly expanding to the outer reaches of the neighborhood they got fellow Lauderdale Ta players such as Fred, Moon, and the last oblong piece to the puzzle Tuna. The foundation was set. The mood was right. It was time. Shortly after the 5 joined together they hit TEN like a ton of shit. I’ll admit at first recognition of Duggan was non-existant. But over a short period of time alliances were made, skillz were developed, and it was time to spread the virus known as Duggan. First “Outsider” to join Legion of Duggans was Mo_Duggan. Mo was a strong player. He later left to form the Mo clan. From that day forth Mo was the sworn enemy of Duggan. Later other members jumped aboard. Remy_Duggan, Bunz_Duggan, Crus_Duggan, Butt_Duggan, Pack_Duggan, and Bj_Duggan were among the first to commit. Butty shortly after joining left. Therefor pissing off Jim. So there alliance was broken. After that Bunz, Crus, and Remy all left to join the clan where they started that fell once only to rise and fall again. Duggan continued to grow. Tim_Duggan, Porn_Duggan, GameDuggan, the roster was all-star worthy. The list goes on. Gaining victories left and right. Bj_Duggan aka ViagraMan was among one of the loyalist duggans to grace the name. Wherever he went you would see Hooooooo’in going on. Representing the Duggan name was his duty. And he did it well. Than as the clan was growing the powers from above (TrippleXXX, and qu1xote) contacted Jim one night. Extending and invitation to join what was to be the first CBL. Clan Battle League. This was the first chance for any clan out there to show what they got. Wolfpack, Orcs, the mo’s, and several other clans. This was to be the first test.

Shortly before the start of CBL the once WolfPack Representive Navyseal2 left the foul stenched den of the inbred muts that they were. Jim with his devious mind knows and opportunity when he see’s one. So he pounced. At the first chance asking Navy to dawn the duggan uniform. While Jim was asking Bil was doubting him the whole time. After rigorous negotiations it was settled and Rip_Duggan was born. This was a turning point in duggan. Up until that moment Duggan was nothing more than a bunch of skilled Misfits running wild in the playpen that was TEN. Shortly after Navy/Rip joined if you know your TA history than you know who would be quick to follow. That’s right Duva. Duva became DvL_Duggan. This duo was by far the biggest threat duggan had in its arsenal. One night on TEN Bil and Moon played a friendly game against Zerbit and someone else on GOW. Now Bil and Moon were not the talented players that u all know and love(well some of ya). It was an intense match and the Ta gods were siding with Duggan on that night. That win single handedly gave Duggan the confidence they needed to do what had to be done. This like a number of other events in the past was a turning point for Duggan. Before the big war between the clans was to begin I Jim_Duggan was forced to leave the country due to family interests for a number of months(14 to be exact). While I was gone the battles had begun. Duggan came out of the box with dguns blazing. It was raining nukes and bertha shells. WolfPack was the expected victor in the tournament. But Duggan was winning games like they were going outta style. First big victory was over WolfPack where Fred and Packie defeated Tiberious and TrippleXXX. Things started winding down. With the win over Tib and TripX Duggan was full of confidence. There was tension building between Duggan and WolfPack. The rivalry came to a point in the final match to decide the Victor of the whole sha-bang. Duggan Vs. WolFPack. The stage was set. Only way it coulda been bigger is if Don King was presenting the event. In this corner Representing the Legion of Duggans Rip_Duggan and DvL_Duggan (oh yeah secret weapon). And in this corner Representing the WolfPack weighing in at who gives a rats patoot Zerbit and TrippleXXX. It was the match of the century. The battle began. Head to head. Toe to Toe. The players fought and gave 110%. Suddenly the Mod for the game Tiberius mysteriously dropped. At this point Duggan was well in the lead of the game and a push away from taking victory. But the push couldn’t be reached because Tiberious kicked Duggan from the tournament because he was supposably nuked from and ip that supposeably belonged to someone in the South Florida area(Duggan headquarters). To those of you who aren’t mentally disabled or blind and cant read this it would appear that WolfPack is full of shit. I mean come on!! Why would we nuke Tib when WE were winning! Sheer bullshit!!!!!!!!

So WolfPack was champs. We were cheaters. But all those not oblivious to the facist ways of the WolfPack could easily see that on that day, that moment in gaming history, the underdogs, the where the hell did they come from and how did they acquire this much talent is such a short period of time, and Jesus I hope I don’t meet them in a dark alley on Metal Heck clan was us. We may have been deemed the losers of that day but we certainly had our heads high. No mix of feelings, music, or emotion could even begin to tap into the pride that was felt that day. It was a classic David Vs Goliath story. If Goliath were to time out and say that David was dq’ed than it would be almost exact. But we all know the truth, that the name on the cup representing victory in CBL is really spelled D.U.G.G.A.N.

So the wheels of time continued on. Duggan rolled on. New members joining. Hex(preen), Rick(Cygnus), and others. And Old members leaving. Whether it be from lack of commitment to the clan or lack of intrest in the game they had there reasons for leaving the family. But Duggan was Duggan. And it would take something stronger than being cheated out of the title of “Best Clan On Ten”. It would take more than a few members leaving. After CBL1 things were at their rockiest. Very little happened after that time. The remaining members of the clan who were loyal hung around and sharpened their skillz. Moon joined a 2v2 tournament with the enemy Butcher. Butcher and Moon were going to win but the “Host” (use that term lightly) of the tournament refused to see Butcher and Moon win. So it was all called off. Asslan was the host and enemy of Butcher, and like many other before him not a fan of Duggan. After that Moon went to Mplayer where he challenged and conquered all. Bil continued to sharpen his game with the greats. Gaining their respect and bringing consistency to the clan. By this point the clan was near death. Fred, Bil, and Moon kept things going. It wasn’t easy but they made it happen. Much thanks to Moon, Fred and Bil. Giving the countless hours needed to not let Duggan reach that light at the end of the tunnel. To keep pushing on. To them I give Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Things were fairly idle in the world of Duggan. Than it happened. The spark that was needed to fuel the fire that was Duggan. The return of none other than Me. That’s right after a 14 month hiatus I returned to what I left in the hands of those who accepted it. Picked right up where I left off. There was work to be done. First thing was first, expansion. Just like playing a small non-metal map 1k, the more ground u take the more metal patches you get. So it was time to recruit and recruit I did. First off the bat was Hoo_Duggan aka Spearmint_Gum. Hoo_Duggan was a big link in the growth of Duggan this time around. He helped organize everything, created the new and improved Duggan site. And to think he was discovered by me during the last minutes of TEN. MH 10k with Hoo. Now if u ever played with hoo back in the day u know he was running like a 486(not really but ya know). It was like one of my first games back and I was desparate to play. I liked his attitude and respect for Duggan so I asked him to join the family. And he did. Next to join the list was Mike_Duggan aka Korgoth. Moon let Mike in after Mikes persistency. One night Mike got lucky and caught Moon completely stoned out of his gorde. And one thing lead to another and he was in. Nobody wanted him but ya know(lol JK MIKE. You know you’re the man!) Now Mike is the force that drives Duggan today. But early on he had a hard time gaining respect in Duggan. We may look all cute and cuddly on the outside but once your in our circle it’s like feeding time in the lion cage. So Mike little did we know would turn out to be one of the most important factors in Duggan being here today. In fact if not for Mike, Duggan would be gone and forgotten, nothing but a memory. But more on Mike later. Next to join was Mark_Duggan aka Spart_BoP. Mark contributed a lot in the time he was in Duggan. He assisted with the site. And help represent the name that strikes fear into the hearts of commanders all over the world. That’s when the ball started rolling. Duggan was yet again a contending force. With players like Moon, Bil, Hoo(although he never played cause his comp sucked ass), Mike, and Mark people started to notice us again. So the frenzy began. They were coming out of the woodworks. Players like Xroox(X_Duggan), sithForce(Force_Duggan), Cygnus(Rick_Duggan that’s right back again), _Dozenroses ( r12_Duggan), TheSludgeKing aka BlackFlag (Sluggin_Duggan), good ole Smokey(Smoke_Duggan), and ZeST(Viking_Duggan). Just as things were coming together again things went from good to great. The duo of Butcher and Zerbit jumped on the Duggan bandwagon, busted out the keg, and began work on their beer belly’s (butcher had a head start on Zerb). Here we were, coming back from near death, established and ready to funk sheet up. Duva and Navyseal2 came back on their Duggan names for like a day or two, and were never seen again, word on the street is they broke down went to Vegas got hitched, have two kids and a dog up in Washington where they are bear wrestlers. We had the motivation and confidence of the past. Duggan was looking unstoppable again. Final piece to the puzzle was Archist. And as all of this was coming together guess what rolled around, that’s right CBL.

That year brought new challenges from far and wide. There were the Swedes who proved their skill day in and day out. The Kings who were the new rival of Duggan. RawDawg, and Rawgnugs(nm RawGnugs didn’t compete), PCS(lol all I gotta say), KEA, HTK, ACE, Neo, Silly, TaG, DiG, TAA, and TaaC made up the list of competition lined up in cross hairs of the Duggan rifle. The stage was set yet again for another CBL worth mentioning. After the abomination of the first CBL the Duggans came into this one as pissed off and ready for vengance as ever. First Round Duggan Vs PcS. Sweep Sweep Sweep. And PCS went packing. Round 2 (*dramatic music plays*), The Kings. This was a nail bitter. Unfortunately Duggan was eliminated in the second round by King. Snoop and Drewdawg proved there worth by beating Butcher and Archist( aka T9_Duggan). We put up a good fight. But fell short. After Duggan was eliminated from CBL the big names in the clan stuck around for a bit. But eventually things went into the crapper. Enter The era of “Mike Duggan”

This is where a lot of people in the Duggan circle left for different reasons. There was controversy in the clan and things went haywire. But if you keep an eye on your Duggan scrap book you’ll notice that we always fall only to rise again! That is what happened. I took a break from TA. Went through some turmoil in the “Real World”, and while I was away Mike was keeping a good eye on all that involved Duggan. In the end after the smoke cleared there was only one standing. Ok well a couple. Mike and Smoke took the reins. Now I know this was Mike’s dream come true. Mike rallied the troops together. Developed a new site. Recruited some new faces. Pissed off a few people. And drank a few beers( few hah. Stop being modest Jim). So Mike lead the new recruits into CBL 5. If ya can’t smell it from here than you have no nose. CBL is bullshit. Yet again Duggan was screwed out of a chance to be Great. The factor of lag caused confusion and screwed up a game between Dark and Duggan. Dark was granted victory. This was an unjust and unholy move on the part of the CBL officials. Duggan yet again was in the right. So the protest began. A rematch was granted. So the game took place, Dark Ryder rejected Smoke_Duggan toward the end of the game. It was recorded, screenshotted, the whole nine yards. The officials saw the recording viewed the screen shot, gave Duggan the finger and went against their OWN stated Rules. But Duggan ain’t out just yet. After a lot of bad noise and verbal violence thrown in every which direction there was a decision. There was another game to decide all. The result of this game is unknown to me but when i find out i will replace this sentance with what should be here :P .

After the CBL 5 scandal Duggan relocated and established a presence on Boneyards. Kicking ass and taking names. That’s how boneyards will remember us. And for all those who called “The New Wave” Duggans cheaters BY is proof that they weren’t. As far as I know it is not possible to cheat on BY. The one TA trainer was IP game based. With BY it couldn’t happen. At this point the shit was hittin the fan. BY produced more Duggans than a Duggan Jackrabbit. Tank, Venom, Magic, Cieko, Dolo, Metal, Ra, Bloody, Large, Hydra(tag_nova you skank J), Chick, Wraith, Spider, Soul, Pain, Dragon, Shroom, Flare, BooCow, Borg, Wild, Bah, Fist, Grrumpy, Easy, Rock, Typhoon, Demoniac, Aqua, Banjo(who loves ya Banjy), Joker, the list goes on. Just as things were streamlining along guess what dark cloud loomed in the greed section of the Duggan brain. THAT’S RIGHT CBL 6!

Now, there is something you must learn about Duggans. We are stubborn. We didn’t learn from past CBL encounters. We had to go back for another round. Muhahahaha gotta love it baby. Round 1: Duggan Vs Duke. The Dukes hold a special place in my heart. Gollie is the man, and the rest of the Dukes are a great group of people. But this was war, and when there is bragging rights at stake its no holds barred. Mike and Smokey beat Duke_Eternal and Duke_Snowy in a heated match. Smokey started things out with a bang. Bomber rush anyone. Map was beta tropics. Duggans took game 1 by raping Dukes with Pels. Classic.

Game 2: Map: Gas Plant Plains: Game started out with smoke getting the shaft as well as the double team. Smokey held em off long enough for Mike to get sheet rolling. Well into the game Snowy dropped and Duggan took game 2. But offered Duke a rematch cause we’re NOT CHEAT LIKE THAT! The match was replayed and Duke took game 2. Game 3 was and draw and on to the next round. *Note CBL6 was point style not elimination.

Gonna make this one short and sweet TAG vs Duggan Large and Wild went up against two tags it doesn’t matter who they were and lost two games. Shortly after that Mr. Duggan joined. You may remember him from TEN as Baker350. Yet again clan was growing so more members joined in. Duggans reached a first when the first Duggan family inside the family was in duggan, Sound confusing? Okay lemme break it down for ya.

That’s right a whole family of TA players joined Duggan. I know how weird. :P Anyway I would occaisionaly pop in and drop a line here and there. Say I was gonna make a comeback to TA and never would. Me evil.

Let’s not forget about CBL now. We were hoping that CBL 6 would be the charm. That there would be no controversy involved what so ever. But when there are Duggans involved there are alcohol induced fights that are as far from pretty as KeaBorg. Officiating Enemy this time around :Ner_Ve aka Mo_Hype aka Hype_Duggan. That’s right. Never forget that Mo always was and always will be Duggans first rival and sworn NME. So the sheet hit the fan. Verbal Violence is a trademark Duggan trait, and this was the cause of Duggan being EJECTED from CBL 6!! Or so you thought. Than like a scandal in the White House it started. Ner_ve later posted on TADRS.com that Duggan Resigned. Which was a big flop of horse sheet. So it was time to break out the claws. So being an angry Duggan Mike did what any normal Duggan would do if crossed the wrong way. Yes that’s right, Make a page on his site dedicated to Ner_ve featuring pornographic pictures! Score. Duggan 1 Ner_ve 0. We may be immature, the opposite of class, and rude, but at least we do things in style. Duggan Style. As in the past controversy surrounded Duggan and CBL so after a lot of talk Duggan --decided- was not forced to or thrown out or anything like that but –decided- to graciously and stylishly leave CBL. Big thanks to the TA community for coming up and defending Duggan thru out this one.

Than the years rolled on and Duggan continued to be Duggan. There was a little quarrel that left some people rubbed the wrong way on several ends of the Duggan stick. There is no right in Duggan. Only Drunk. Leadership of the clan bounced back and forth. Large to Banjo, Banjo to Large. No major moves or events took place for a while(except 2k1, what can I say I was drunk they took advantage of me I was young, and I needed the money :P). Than I came back. Made my presence felt. Than left again. Left came back Left came back. Or something like that. Now I’m back and ready for action. Expanding the horizons of Duggans and Future Duggans everywhere. So no matter what game you play, what town you live in, beware Duggans are always watching you.

This whole history thing wouldn’t be suiting without some sort of summary of the years and years of the history that is Duggan. Duggan in a nutshell is like an episode of Jerry Springer gone wrong(I know what your thinking they all go wrong, true, but the Duggan episode goes wrong in a special way). Over the years I have seen faces come and go. Friends have been made, and enemies were born. To be a Duggan is a very special honor only entrusted to those with true grit and spirit. Those who know the value of having nothing to value. Duggan is the legacy that the world dreads. Duggan to me means truth. Everything that is wrong in the world can all be solved by Duggan. What that means I do no know, but someone, somewhere will find some meaning to that sentence. While in Duggan I’ve felt the highest high’s, and the lowest low’s. Looking back on it all seeing what I’ve created and all the effort that was put forth by other to keep the dream that is Duggan alive is just amazing. Lord knows there has been controversy in the household of Duggan, but through it all thick and thin everyone that put _Duggan on their name was part of something special. Something that stood for being yourself and not listening to others. That has been the message all along. Being a Duggan meant making the most out of your gaming expeirience. It means making friends with complete strangers and sharing a bond that is not seen in the real world. Duggan has played the stepping stone in the careers of many gamers drive for greatness. And the fall of others rise to fame. Whether it was a great win or a great loss, no matter what Duggan has done has been “GREAT”. I feel fortunate to be part of one of the most established clans this game/world has seen. All the members that joined this clan whether they were liked when they left or hated were pieces to the same puzzle, they helped make this clan what it is today, solid, unbreakable, unshakeable. Duggan is a model, one of gods own prototypes, to rare to live, to strange to die. For something this unimportant in the universe to last for so long and have so much effort put forth to keep it going is fated to remain. Through time Duggan has overcome the odd’s, destroyed itself from within, lost faith in leadership, left, rejoined, been kicked, been let in again, all the problems a family will face. So in that instance I like to think of Duggan as my family. And someday, when I have little Duggans of my own, I will pass this legacy on to them hoping that thru my kin the intoxicated world of Duggan may live on. Only one more thing to say “May the Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo be with you”…

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