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Revision : 12-25-04
Founded : 03-02-04
Webmaster : R4cTice
TA-Zone : Version 1.0
1024x768 Resolution
Mozilla/Internet Explorer

Welcome to the brand new Total Annihilation Zone! You will find everything that is needed to play online at MSN Zone. This is possibly the best real-time strategy game ever made. Take your time and have fun visiting this website.
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Tournament Rules

Tournament Info
Tournaments will consist of single elimination games. This means you only play one game against an opponent and the outcome will decide who will advance to the next round. There will be no consolidation brackets. Once you lose you are out of the tournament. Check the tournament brackets to locate who your opponent is for that round. Each round will be one week long. That gives players a whole week to schedule a time and place for their games. The dates will be posted on the site and also emailed to the players on when the starting and ending date for that round is. However, don't wait for the last day to play your games. I suggest you do so as soon as possible. It is the players' responsibility to get in contact with their opponents and schedule their games. If a player is no where to be found or can't play I will substitute someone else or their opponent will be given a bye. Players must show that they are trying to schedule their games. If I see that both of the competitors are not putting in any effort in scheduling then I will put in substitutes or a player will be given a bye for the next round. This all depends on what round it is.

Playing Games
All registered players to Tournament Warz must have the zone client. Games are to be played on zone. Unless both players or teams agree to play somewhere else. Then that is fine as well. They may use any other TA server such as gamespy, gaming battle league, phoenix worx, or through ip. However, zone is preferred and required. So if you are not signed up to zone yet I suggest you do so at Its free just like tournament warz : )

First of all you need to be registered and your name must appear on the tourney bracket. Plus, all players that are signed up must have the following requirements:

Total Annihilation game installed
3.1 patch (non boneyards patch) installed properly
All the Core Contingency Units
The Map that the tournament is hosting
The six downloadable Cavedog Units (fark, flea, scarab, necro, immolator, and hedgehog)
Zone Client

If you are missing any of these requirements please download them. They are all provided on this site so you don't have to go far. Failure to have any of these requirements will result in a disqualification and give your opponents and automatic win.

TA Demo Recorder
The TA recorder is not required but is strongly recommended. In case of any disputes at least one player in the game should have a recording. The .units command is NOT allowed in any of the tourney games. Any player using .units during anytime of the game will be disqualified. Besides the .units command all the recorder functions are to be turned OFF. The command .ehaoff and .tahookoff must be used right before the game in the battle room. One of the players needs to type these two commands before any of the games. Unless both players agree to use all of the recorder functions. However, BOTH of the players need to agree or else the game is to be played with the default rules with these two commands typed in the battle room. This is common sense the recorder is only used to spot any cheaters and to rule any disputes. No other special functions of the recorder should be used besides recording the game. TA is a real time strategy game where you use your quickness and brain. Not some device that helps you key in commands to build for you and mark your enemies objects. TW is clearly made for players to play other human real life players not some robots that key in commands. Or else we would be playing the ai not a multiplayer game.

Game Setting

Dead CommanderGame End
LocationRandom (Fixed for 2v2 games that are e vs w or n vs w)
Mapping ModeMapped
Line Of SiteTrue
Cheat CodesNot Allowed
Game StatusClosed
Unit Limit500

Game Speed is to be played normal. No speed jacking is allowed.

(the recorder shows who raised the speed) The host may lock the speed if there is a problem. This can be done by simply typing .syncon -1 1)

Commander Rushing Rule
Any player may attack another commander with any unit at any time. During the first 10 minutes of the game no player may commander rush another players starting base. However, any base outside the players starting area may be commander rushed at any time. After the 10 minute mark anything goes. In 1vs1 games any commander that dguns, self destructs, or commander bombs another commander will result in a loss. There are no draws in TW games so there is no point in commander rushing. If two commanders are fairly close and one explodes from the weapons of other units that person loses no matter if it causes the other commander to explode as well. In 2vs2 games a commander may try a suicide bomb towards the other team after the 10 min mark so be aware. Unless that player is the sole survivor or his partner has already been defeated then they will lose automatically even if it kills the other team because there can't be a draw. By now everyone should be familiar in what a Commander rush is. This will not win you any games all it does earn you lots of disrespect from your opponents.

(Note: In 2vs2 games additional commander rules may be in affect. Depending on the map there might be some commander rule adjustments. Maps such as coast to coast or beta tropics coasts may have an additional rule where no team is allowed to bring their commander to the other teams island. Whenever there's a map that includes more commander rules it will be said and made out perfectly for players to know. If nothing is said then the game is played with only the commander rules stated above. In 1vs1 games the commander rule never changes)

Unit Restrictions
There are NO unit restrictions in any of the games at Tournament Warz. All units may be used by both sides. This includes emgs. Emgs (Peewees, Flashes, Brawlers) are ALLOWED. Learn to play with all the units cause they are all part of the game. However, if both sides decide to restrict any units or use a max they may choose to do so. But both parties MUST agree on this. If not then the games are to be played with no restrictions.

Use Of TA Bug Engine
The fact of TA having any types of bugs built in is bogus. Many people have come up with the myth of 2 main bugs in TA. That would include the sparkling of the Moho Metal Maker and the multi reclaiming bug. This is a big LIE. The fact of using more cons to reclaim wrecks is called strategy. The time the player takes to get all those cons and reclaim the rocks or wrecks is typically strategic. The opponent has much faster time to get the wrecks with one con unit then allowing his opponent to build multiple cons. As for starting up the Moho Metal Maker before it is fully built is allowed as well. The reason is that if you have enough energy in your storage there is no reason in not activating the moho earlier. Its actually a disadvantage if you look at it. I mean once you activate it you cant turn it off till its fully built. This can drain ones energy right away and will cause them to destruct it and build it all over. Besides how can you tell if one deactivate the Moho purposely in the heat of battle or his aim just happened to be a bit off.

Reporting Games
Use the Report Results link in the tournament section to report any games that you have played. It is the losers' responsibility for reporting the games, but if they do not report it then you can go right ahead and report it yourself. Include both your opponent and your name. It is a good idea to record your games in case of any disputes. If you don't agree with an outcome of a tourney game or have a complaint about another player then send in the demo of the game to one of the officials so they can review it. Tournament Warz officials will watch the recordings and make a ruling on it. However, don not quit the game once you expect a cheater. Still finish the game because sometimes your prediction and judgment may be wrong. Also, remember to make it all clear in the battle room that the game you are playing is in fact a tournament game.

When a disconnection occurs during the first 10 minutes of the game the player/team is allowed to restart the game. During a 2v2 game if a player disconnects again during the first 10 minutes then the game will continue and his/her partner must play 2v1 or forfeit the game. In a 1v1 game if you disconnect during the first 10 minutes for the second time then you lose automatically. In both 1v1 and 2v2 games, disconnections that occurs after the 10 minute mark will result in the game to go on. For 1v1 games, the player that appeared to be winning will be the winner. If the game appears to be fairly even then the players may be asked to play a rematch. In a 2v2 game, the game must go on with the player doing .take command and taking all of their partners stuff. If someone on the opposing team rejects the player then they will be disqualified and given a loss. Also .time must be used and if the disconnected players time is 0.00 then it doesn't count as a disconnect. It is simply just restarted. Keep in mind once you disconnect you must return back to the lobby and restart the game as soon as possible. If you do not return for a long period of time then you will not be given the chance of restarting. The game will be given to the opponent. Keep in mind a disconnect is when someone losses connections on the internet. It's not when you are losing the game and decide your going to exit just to be given a restart. Disconnections will be taken strictly and in most cases will result in a loss or in 2v2 games for the game to go on.

NOTE: If the HOST has been destroyed and eliminated in a 2v2 game, that person must stay for the entire game till it finishes. Hosts that leave games before they end will cause the game to crash. Therefore, this act will disqualify their team.

Name Change & Retiring
You may change your name at any time. You may change any part of your name, new address, icq, etc. But please remember to notify one of the officials first before doing so. Or you might get mistaken for multiple accounts. Anyone that chooses to quit or retire from Tournament Wars may do so at any time. I would really appreciate it if you would notify us when you do so. This will help us remove you from the player list or any tourneys that you may have registered for.

Cheating will not be tolerated at Tournament Warz. If you are caught cheating in any way you will be automatically disqualified and removed from Tournament Warz permanently. Nobody likes a cheater so if your going to cheat go somewhere else. This means breaking any of the rules, trainer usage, reporting false results, rejecting other players, or playing for someone else. If anyone suspects a cheater please report it to one of our officials immediately


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