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Welcome to the brand new Total Annihilation Zone! You will find everything that is needed to play online at MSN Zone. This is possibly the best real-time strategy game ever made. Take your time and have fun visiting this website.

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CBL 8 Info
CBL 8 will be a single elimination tournament.

* Round one. The clan that wins at least two games, advance to semi finals

2v2 (home)
2v2 (away)
2v2 (neutral)
* Semi finals. The clan that wins at least three games, advance to the final:

1v1 (home)
1v1 (away)
2v2 (home)
2v2 (away)
2v2 (neutral)

* Final. The clan that wins at least three games, wins CBL 8:

1v1 (home)
1v1 (away)
2v2 (home)
2v2 (away)
3v3 (neutral)

All tournament games must be recorded and both clans should type ďCBL Tournament first (second, third, etc) gameĒ in the battle room before the game starts. The recording can then be sent to TADRS and the game reported to officials.
The tournament games should be played on weekends. Sunday is the last day in each round. It is possible to play games at any time during the week, but itís only during Friday, Saturday and Sunday night that the officials will be present.

Officials will disqualify a clan that isnít making an effort to play their games. There will be very low tolerance on this. Be online Friday and Saturday, play your games. If you canít , make sure the games are played during the week.

European and American time zone is regarded as prime time and will be the standard. Australia will have to adapt this time. We recommend that players who live outside these time zones, and therefore limit their ability to be online during prime time, plan ahead with their opponents. No way around that.


* Home game - your clan picks map, challenged clan picks starting positions.
* Away game - the other clan picks map and you pick starting positions.
* Neutral games are played on Gods of War, Gasplant Plain or Cluster Freak with positions East vs West. If the clans canīt decide which map, it will be GoW. Neutral map in the final, to be played 3v3, is GoW2, Painted Desert or Sail Away. If the clans canít decide which map, it will be GoW2.

Allowed maps (any type of starting positions are allowed, unless elsewhere stated):

Ashap Plateau
Coast to Coast (Only E vs. W)
Fox Holes
Full Moon
Gods of War
Gods of War 2
Great Divide (only N vs S)
Great Divide 2 (only N vs S)
Hundred Isles
King of the Hill
Lava & Two Hills
Lava Highground
Lava Mania
Metal Heck
Painted Desert
Red Hot Lava
Red Planet
Red Triangle
Red River North
Ring Atoll
Rock Alley
The Pass (Only E vs. W)
Acid Foursome
Brain Coral
Checker Ponds
Cluster Freak
Comet Catcher
Crater Islands
Crystal Isles
Crystal Maze
Crystal Treasure Island
Gasplant Plain
John's Pass
Johnís Pond
Lake Shore
Lusch Puppy (Only E vs. W)
Moon Quartet
Sail Here
Sail Away
Slated Fate
Trout Farm

Notice that there is are four 3rd party maps included (GoW 2, GD2, Sail Here and Johnís Pond). And keep in mind that if you challenge a clan on a map with unfair starting positions, for example Lake Shore, you will most likely get the bad positions. Also, itís possible (but not likely) for the challenged clan to ask for diagonal positions.

If both clans agree, youíre free to play any map including 3rd party

Bugs, cheating and exploits

We will use the rules that are common standard for TA games. Any trick used that may be considered a cheat will most likely be ruled cheating (results in a loss for the player and his team) so play fair and use common sense. If you know a very secret cheat that is new to the officials, it will be very hard to explain why you thought it should be allowed. The tricks below are just examples. Feel free to ask about other bug exploits or tricks that might be in question. First rule if you have any doubts: Ask before using.

Example of allowed techniques:
Off screening
Nano shielding

Example of techniques that are not allowed:
Multi reclaim

Game Speed

Game speed will always be 0. If anyone change the speed more then 5 and doesnít adjust speed increase/decrease within a minute, the player and his team will be disqualified and lose the game in question.

Commander actions

D-gunning an enemy Commander will result in a loss for the player and his team.
Deliberately killing your own or your allyís Commander (com bomb) will result in a loss for the player and his team.
In a situation where the last two opposing Commanders die at the same time, the winner will be the one who died last (from the explosion).

Since most games will be played with the .cmdwarp command, all players must pick a start position as close as possible to the default ones. Any abuse will result in a loss for the player and his team. This includes map with unfair start positions such as Acid Foursome. Not knowing the start positions is not an excuse, so make sure you know before the game starts.

The Commander is free to move anywhere on the map during all games, including such as the top island on GoW or the centre of Cluster Freak. However, the Commander may not enter the starting area of an opponent, not for the whole game. The starting area is defined as the screen (800x600 resolution) around the commander when the game starts.

TA Recorder options

Any player can decide that the game will be played with .ehaoff, but he must say that in the Battle Room before the game starts. Otherwise, the game will be played with all features, such as markers. If the game is played with .ehaoff, the command must be typed right away once all commanders are in the right position and the game starts. It is not allowed to issue the .ehaoff command halfway through a game. If anything goes wrong with the recorder, for example making it possible for one team to mark when the others canít, the game must be restarted within 5 minutes. If a team notice their recorder functions arenít working when they should, they have 5 minutes to demand a restart. After that itís too late and they will have to finish the game.

Lag and packet loss

A game can be restarted during the first 10 minutes if the players notices severe lag that affects the game. If the opponents disagree, use the .time command and also make sure officials receive recorded versions from both parties. Itís the only way to see if there was a lag issue. However, after 10 minutes into the game, itís too late for restart and the lagging player must disconnect so his ally can use the .takecmdr command in order to continue. Lag is always a controversy. The .time command and recordings will determine who was right and officials will have the final word. Any abuse or unjust accusations (that force one player to disconnect even though he didnít lag) will result in a loss. Itís therefore not possible to claim that the game is lagging, and demand a restart if a team lose an air battle for example. Unless they can prove the game actually had game affecting lag, they will automatically lose.

The TA engine

On rare occasions, things can happen that seem impossible. A lab can be destroyed by only two bombing runs. A single nuke can kill a Commander. Bombers might live longer then they should and Jeffys can take three missile hits without dying. Itís a dynamic game engine with room for many factors involved. Officials will look carefully at recordings to see if lag was a factor, but be prepared to accept that the game engine can act different in situations that seem identical. Officials have seen thousands of TA games and have a pretty good idea of whatís possible and what isnít.

The TA demo recorder

All players must have the latest official version of the TA demo recorder installed. Itís free to download from

3rd party programs

Using any 3rd party programs that affect the game, besides the TA demo recorder, will result in a disqualification for the player, his team and his clan. This means you are OUT of the tournament. This rule includes modified versions of TA or the demo recorder.

Agreements between clans

If two clans have agreed to play the game slightly different then the rules state, itís only allowed if the agreement is very clear and without any doubt. If for example two clans want to play one or more games on a 3rd party map or with special rules, this has to be a 100% clear agreement. Best way to show such an agreement, is to either have a conversation with officials before the game where both clans clearly say that they accept the conditions. If no officials are available, both clans can type the new rules in the Battle Room. Itís not enough with one player or team to explain the rules, it has to be clear that both sides have accepted the map or the rules.

Disqualifications and restarts

Breaking rules will usually result in the clan losing the game in question, but officials may also call for a restart or decide to disqualify a player or his clan. Officials will have final word here, but itís really a matter of common sense. For example:
If someone accidently screws up with start psoitions and informs everyone he made a mistake right away, itís a restart. If he keeps playing and takes advantage of having a better start position, his clan will lose that game. If the clan try to improve starting positions in every game, trying to get away with it, the entire clan will be disqualified from the tournament.
Rule of thumb: Mistake and minor error is a restart, rule breaking means losing the game, constant abuse means your clan is gone from CBL.

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