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Revision : 12-25-04
Founded : 03-02-04
Webmaster : R4cTice
TA-Zone : Version 1.0
1024x768 Resolution
Mozilla/Internet Explorer

Welcome to the brand new Total Annihilation Zone! You will find everything that is needed to play online at MSN Zone. This is possibly the best real-time strategy game ever made. Take your time and have fun visiting this website.

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LD_tibo1 i was wondering why u was said to be the most stupid player in zone
LD_tibo1 but i m going to understand..
TAG_VeNoM_X most stupid?
CR_MIKO enters.
LD_tibo1 sure
TAG_VeNoM_X at least i know how to play a 7 year old game son
TAG_VeNoM_X stfu 1-0
LD_tibo1 u r a very good player
LD_tibo1 but a very very stupid man
PRO_jonno 1-1
MERC_Thunder very stupid kid dont u mean
TAG_VeNoM_X im not stupid Because i am a good player
TAG_VeNoM_X and im not a man
LD_tibo1 yeahg lol
TAG_VeNoM_X 3-1
PRO_jonno that was shit ven
srcrules007 ur a woman

PRO_jonno> he probably got a life and realised that talking shit on zone isnt that cool afterall
TRP_Deepblou enters.
_FlashTank__> lol
PRO_jonno> might happen to you one day rvd
_FlashTank__> yea maybe 1 day
n1_R4cTice__> haha
_FlashTank__> i have a life
_FlashTank__> tnx

TAG_DOMINATOR: dont fuck with me u black son of a bitch or i will screw ur bollocks to the mother fucking ceiling

PRO_jonno> i want pic of fit sister or no game
PRO_jonno> send me that pic
n1_Iggij_3__> i cant man
PRO_jonno> im just curious
n1_Iggij_3__> not without ns authorization
TAG_D0MINAT0R> Please send it me i have got a semi-on

TAG_D0MINAT0R> i do love pacer
TAG_D0MINAT0R> but in a manly way

_sTicKyFiNgAz> i dont look as bad as ven
_sTicKyFiNgAz> or des
PRO_jonno> Venoms hot what are you on about?
_sTicKyFiNgAz> lol
PRO_jonno> I'd bum him anyday
n1_Iggij_3__> !!!
n1_Iggij_3__> i ll save that
PRO_jonno> fuck off
n1_Iggij_3__> we ll put it on pacer's site

TAG_Recognise> Rubbing my dick against the hot water pipe afk lads

+Starplus_> TAG_VeNoM_X, watch your language, last warning!
TAG_VeNoM_X> why
TAG_Recognise> afk big wank
TAG_VeNoM_X> what u gonna do mf?
TAG_Recognise> back
TAG_VeNoM_X> u gonna ban me?
TAG_VeNoM_X> afk.
Wrath_BlueWolf> yeah venom - it will cost u $500 to get back in
CBB__Starscream> starpus is going to bann Venom
EDS_DarkStorm> later venom
TAG_Recognise> real beefy wank comming up
TAG_Recognise> afk 1 min

EDS_DarkStorm> lol, wauw, prolly spended 1000+ of dollars to make link to cock
EDS_DarkStorm> wauw
TAG_Recognise> EDS?
TAG_Recognise> afk
EDS_DarkStorm> who, what?

YD_TheLawn YES

PRO-RAZER i bet he carries a cap gun round, selotaped to his go kart

YD_TheLawn go suck a wethers original
YD_TheLawn fagat

YD_TheLawn vens the kinda guy u see walking round in free fosters t-shirts 2 ssizes 2 big for him

Vapor im not going to be "shafted" by lawn bc you fucking niggers say so

Vapor shes saying stuff like "hes saying hes asian downstairs, but not to be troubled cause hes mother fucking super saiyen"

YD_TheLawn ven wears velcro gola shoes

YD_TheLawn go have a long tug over your mcfly poster

Vapor "for lawn"
YD_TheLawn and go clubbing
YD_TheLawn dancing to steps
Vapor "the bitch ass nigger"
Vapor before i kick your face off
Vapor you bitch ass nigger
YD_TheLawn your warm dog shit
YD_TheLawn u fucking cambodian minge flap

Original site TA MAD Style MAD let me know if you have problem having the quotes here. I will remove them

Batch 1:

<TC_Gandalf0> if TA dies I will die

<Simon> Yeah...Gandy is the Anti-Christ.

<GBL_Cire> venom did ur mother have any kids that were not mentally retarted or did they all turn out like you?

<GBL_Cire> venom how old are you?
<GBL_Cire> and never been laid well cept by destroy maybe.

<GBL_Cire> dude u couln't hit the bride side of a barn with a pelet gun standing 2 feet away from it, how u gona own me?

<GBL_Cire> venom u couln't father a bitch if it was willing, able and spread wide eagle in front of you, somehow u'd fuck it up.

<GBL_Cire> davids problem is he is a 35 year old, and never been laid, so he surrounds himself with a bunch of pussies that he calls FFaX :)

[PAGE]<TC_Gandalf> your nothing but a little nigger boy you know that right

<TC_Gandalf> you little whte trash punk bitch

<GBL_Cire> why did u put soap in your eyes?
<GBL_Cire> seen david naked?

<EVA_MaD> bend over my bitch cire
<GBL_Cire> u bend over you skinny little brat

<alkoholic187> u can confuse a pollock by puttin him in a round room and tell him to piss in a corner

<ID_cheshirecat> i take drugs because i have to
<ID_cheshirecat> not because i want to

<alkoholic187> man ........u guys know how i get my dick to be nine inches long???????
<ID_DArgo> measure twice?

<Black_Lung> fuck it i guess i cant play anymore
<Black_Lung> cya all
[EXITS] Black_Lung
<BlackFlag> cya
<BlackFlag> ding dong the bitch is dead

<ID_DArgo> if I ever have a retarded kid I hope he's just like MaD
<ID_DArgo> he's very functional

<X_Destr0y_> ive had a bout 5 girlfriends
<X_Destr0y_> this year i might get one in bed :D

BlackFlag: why cant TA just be a world of cuddly teddy bears

bomba: wtf is that poo all about

FFAxDAVID> figures-alot of decent players tend to be jealous of ffax tag :)

<RawDawgKI> stop acting like a panamanian glowstick dancer aight?

<TAG_Dominator> i only like 1 thing in life
<TAG_Dominator> MEN

<X_VeNoM> hey anathema remember on the bus when u stuck ur arse out the window
<X_VeNoM> and i looked out
<X_VeNoM> and they thought we were twins
<EVA_MaD> his ass looked like u?

Daddy_Irrelevant> mad want a tip mate?
CBB_MaD> ya
Daddy_Irrelevant> In future stick ur finger up yer ass while u wank!!!!!!!
CBB_MaD> i already do that

OSP_UBetterRecognis> there are some good ffax players

<ID_Hercules> i reckon if ya bitch slapped ven des would cry for him lmao

<Rowley> i lost to mad
<Rowley> i suck

<Black_Flag> mark
<Black_Flag> if we do time together
<TC_Gandalf> what
<Black_Flag> we will play make believe TA
<Black_Flag> and we will get locked down because i flash rushed you

<CK_Dominator> gaylord is a word which is against the code of conduct i suggest u shut the fuck up

<TC_ElendiL> Dirty little EVA punk
<EVA_MaD> any TC little bitchs want owning?
<Black_Flag> africans unite!
<EVA_MaD> u think if i united with them they would stone me?
<Black_Flag> the children wanna go home
<NNN_Newsbot3> I think if you united with them they'd stone themselves

[CLAN]EVA_Elijah: people that smell like doo doo dont get any

<CK_BlackFlag> being a newsbot is probably the most proficient way of proclaiming one's homosexuality
<NNN_Newsbot10> o_O
<NNN_Newsbot9> O_o

<ID_DArgo> who wants to play" what's my finger smells like"?


Batch 2:

X_SASHighlander> Game 10. Average Player Wanted For 1v1 Battle. NO EXPERTS.
TAG_D0MINAT0R> but ur in the expert clan
TAG_D0MINAT0R> lmao that makes no sense

<Vipaq> is it by sierra?
<EVA_MaD> no
<EVA_MaD> cavedog is the god damn company
<Vipaq> really?!?!?!
<Vipaq> u lying son of a bitch
*EVA_MaD sighs
<Vipaq> its the sweedish yankspankers
<Vipaq> I remember that
<Vipaq> from the loading screen

<CK_BlackFlag> gandalf is like a pubic hair on a public toilet seat
<CK_BlackFlag> eventually he's gonna get pissed off

<TAG_Dominator> i dont lag i just have invisible bombers.

<BlackFlag> lessons of being friendly from gandalf LOL YA just like i take lessons on how to be a man from 8 year old girls

<plastic_Force> treat her like shit , and dump her in the toilet
<plastic_Force> flush it then pull her out and ask for bj
<plastic_Force> if she says no
<plastic_Force> repeat step 1

<GBL_Legend> i am basically 100% brittish
<Black_Flag> 100% british and you cant spell british

<GBL_Guttenaffe> I got a match for u too dom, my face and ur ass!
<GBL_Guttenaffe> no i mean your ass and my face

<GBL_Legend> venom has about as much intelligance as a pack of monkeys trying to fuck a football .

<EVA_Micah> MaD, I will run naked through your house spanking myself gleefully in front of your females whilst having a huge erection.

<ID_DArgo> anybody wanna touch my monkey?
<SaFe_SaFe> yes
<SaFe_SaFe> i will be gentle
<ID_DArgo> //blush

Edited by poosticks: CoC violation

<TC_Gandalf> I went and had a lan with Zones 187 clan
<X_VeNoM> did u get rushed and go home?

<TC_Gandalf> at least I am not alone in a room jerking off to myself acting like a hard guy
<GBL_Totalmax> if your jerking off ya gotta be a hard guy

<N_EvilScott> I dont get it... what the fuck is so big about being a gay guy anyway? I mean... what the fuck you doing? putting it in some guys ass? Big whoop, there's noting on a's boring as fuck. With a girl you have boobs, attractive body, pussy, mouth :P I mean you got a playground there! I don't know why people are gay.

<GBL_Cire> tek don't like me
<GBL_Cire> i screwed his gf, and she left him :)

TAG_DOMINATOR: dont fuck with me u black son of a bitch or i will screw ur bollocks to the mother fucking ceiling

<GBL_Cire> venom, u can say good bye to your account, i can pretty much guarentee you will never see it again, you bitch and drag my name through the mud and start crap at the zone about me, and then ask me for your account back after insulting me
<GBL_Cire> u can kiss my harry white ass bitch
<X_VeNoM> button it
<GBL_Cire> button that you freak

<X_Destroy> this place sucks anyway
<X_Destroy> 1)its full of noobs
<EVA_MaD> *besides me
<X_Destroy> 2)its full of idiots
<EVA_MaD> *besides me
3)Hardly anyone comes on
<EVA_MaD> *besides me
<X_Destroy> 3)no one sucks cock
<EVA_MaD> *besides me
<EVA_MaD> ack

Batch 3:

OZ_Frisky> i might not be smart but i can lift heavy things

<plastic_force> someone blocked the toilet the other day and i needed to take a shit , and when i flushed it my shit came over the top and slid along the floor

<GBL_Cire> Shit happens, just look at that FFAx clan on pw

<EVA_Force> ana after sex your mum looks like a pitbull eating mayo

Pro_Shaner> the japs have small penises
OZ_Frisky> so do I and i still come here
OZ_Frisky> everybody must know to coz i keep getting penis enlargement spam mail in my email. im getting a do they know

<EVA_MaD> i lost my virginity....
<EVA_MaD> over the internet

<GBL_Bard> drive home in reverse
<GBL_Bard> no one will suspect anything
<ID_cheshirecat> pass out in your car
<GBL_Bard> that way you can see if a cop gets behind u

<Alkoholic187> i wish i could take this mic to bathroom so everyone could hear me take a shit

<GBL_Guide> im growing too fast
<EVA_MaD> i have that same problem with my penis
<GBL_Guttenaffe> it aint growing ur just shrinkin

<AnarKy_Destroy> My Nipple Has Pubic Hairs.

<EVA_MaD> no but for real
<EVA_MaD> i have herpes simplex on my eye
<EVA_MaD> got it when i was like 5
<ID_DArgo> I don't have herpes and would like to keep it like that
<EVA_MaD> wrestling with my older brother
<EVA_MaD> his penis
<EVA_MaD> it hit me in the eye

<ID_DArgo> school is over rated
<ID_DArgo> boxes makes great homes
<ID_DArgo> and dumpsters are full of food
<ID_DArgo> let that be a leason to genius kids like venom

<EVA_MaD> omg it smells like fart in here
<EVA_MaD> hmmm
<EVA_MaD> i wonder if i farted
<EVA_MaD> damn i dont remember

<EVA_IWantsomCash> who is the luff 11
<ID_DArgo> cire
<EVA_MaD> yes?
<ID_DArgo> no but it could be
<EVA_MaD> oh i thought u were addressing me
<EVA_IWantsomCash> lol
<ID_DArgo> did "cire" look like "buttmonkey" on your screen?

<EVA_MaD> why must i lack the modivation to move
<ID_DArgo> welcome to my world
<EVA_MaD> lol
<ID_DArgo> if I were lazier I'd be in a coma

<GBL_Guttenaffe> I'm not a complete idiot! Some parts are missing.

<plastic_force> the next guy to talk eats ass cookies =p
<EVA_MaD> nuh uh

<EVA_MaD> where do i find memory?
<EVA_MaD> i cant remember
<ID_DArgo> in your tiny head?
<EVA_MaD> which one?
<EVA_MaD> i mean
<EVA_MaD> shutup

Alkoholic187: i went to take a piss and im wearing a tank top ..i ripped one shoulder strap off...for that andre the giant look

<Alkoholic187> Gandy u dont even have a dick
<TC_Gandalf> yes i do
<Alkoholic187> well spit it out i need it back

Batch 4:

<EVA_MaD> gandalf has loosend his son's ass up nice and good for me
<TC_Gandalf> what a nigger
<TC_Gandalf> the words of a true nigger
<EVA_MaD> why you say that? "niggers" rape him to?

<TC_Gandalf> nigger happy GBL

<TC_Gandalf> I have no issue with blacks
<TC_Gandalf> just niggers

EVA_DaM_> real men dont stick broom handles up other mens ass's.... real men use there hands!

GS_NutSac__> smoking butts kills you
EVA_DaM_> no
EVA_DaM_> smoking nipple pubes kills you
H_F_Vapor_> nipple pubes...holy fucking shit

<GBL_Guttenaffe> I'm not a Nerd dag nab it!
<GBL_Guttenaffe> I'm a C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R G-E-E-K

EVA_DaM_> i have a friend that can lick the tip of his own penis
EVA_DaM_> he let me watch one time
_Antisocial_> um, ok now THATS wierd
_Antisocial_> i mean, i could accept it more if he let YOU lick his tip
AnarKyJuNKiE> maybe if u give him a dollar he will let u join in mad
EVA_DaM_> nah man
EVA_DaM_> we are good friends
EVA_DaM_> he would let me for free
_Antisocial_> fine if yer gonna suck yer own
_Antisocial_> but to watch YOUR BUD do it?

yeah, its cuase i eat alot of salads and fresh squeezed juices
EVA_DaM_> fresh squeezed juices as in what comes outa my man tube after i jerk?

H_F_LethalPred> bye man
(Exit) H_F_LethalPred
(Enter) H_F_LethalPred
H_F_LethalPred> 1on1?
H_F_LethalPred> oh
H_F_LethalPred> same game

+AussieShaman28> i'm looking at your piccy
+AussieShaman28> u have not even shaved yet
EVA_DaM_> what are u talkin about
EVA_DaM_> i've been growing that in for years

<EVA_MaD> let me explain this to you children
<EVA_MaD> all circle around here
<EVA_MaD> ...
<Alkoholic187> circle around folks
<EVA_MaD> when you get the privledge of obtaining the 'EVA_' tag it gives you special powers
<EVA_MaD> powers in which you cannot withold
<EVA_MaD> powers to KICK ALK'S ASS!
<Alkoholic187> look i can piss in the toliet with the seat down ....and not get it wet =P
<Alkoholic187> thats power

TAG_Irrelevant> i like the smell of my mouldy cock after 7 weeks

EVA_MaD> envelope glue gives me heartburn.

TC_Gandalf0> you are so jealous of the great relationship I have with my son

Mr_Hyde187> buncha idiots in here tonite
N_Rvd_ enters.

N_Rvd_ exits.
theres a lot more headroom now

TAG_D0MINAT0R> god i got a beast of a shit brewing up

TAG_D0MINAT0R> gonna do roly polys naked in the hallway

SimplyDeranged> If I was to wink my brown eye at you HIppy, would you mind sucking the encrusted turds off the hair around it, that would help to relieve the pressure building up on my swollen colon from all the cucumbers I cram.

_Infect10N> u wanna stop with your fucking ireland shit u retarded mother fucker

TC_Gandalf0> Venom I dont see you on the net
TC_Gandalf0> why
TC_Gandalf0> afraid of the comments arent you
TC_Gandalf0> LOL
TC_Gandalf0> ;)
X_VeNoM> u havent got ur glasses on
X_VeNoM> thats why

ABB_Shrekarr_> you are childish

SimplyDeranged> hey CyberJames, you think you can do something about all the N1GG3Rs in here
+_CyberJames_> Ill aske them to change nicks
+_CyberJames_> one min
+_CyberJames_> brb
SimplyDeranged> we should hang them instead

Batch 5 :

TAG_D0MINAT0R> afk gonna build a tree house and have a wank

TAG_17PINTS> Can anyone tell me why I am recieving zone messages from servicedept saying he wants to dogg me

wet_back187> mexicans aren't really people

o_XDragonX_o5> im 8
o_XDragonX_o5> dont swear
alkoholic187> fuck u noob

ABB_Shrekar_> Information entered into this form will be forwarded to law enforcement for investigation and review.
ABB_Shrekar_> your pre teen molesting days are numbered gandalf

BTU_CanuckisH> gd2 ... would rather sit in a corner and beat off to gay porn

Vapor> im gonna go jerk myself the fuck off and have a party on my happy rag

RetarD0H> went to go buy some notebooks for class, all they had was faggot pinks, yellows, with like gay anime animals on them
N_R4cTice_> eating some carrots
N_R4cTice_> lol
RetarD0H> i was like "ill have 3 pink chipmunks plz"
RetarD0H> no

TC_Gandalf> EVA_MaD> want me to shove a twinky up ur ass nigger?

alkoholic187> ur donkos will see that sunday mad
EVA_xMaDx_> i'll show u donkos bitch
EVA_xMaDx_> bend over

Cire> chip, ignore venom, his mother just cut him off the tit, and hes feeling kinda angry at the world :)
TAG_VeNoM> stfu pop eye.

Leaving - Kakashi I'm with Gandalf's gf :-)

Leaving - Vapor wankin a truckload of fructose

Destroy> right then you will need to start off with the port C to A
Leaving - Immature has left.
Destroy> then unzip to b which will make it X
Destroy> then you use ports 007 878
Destroy> then turn pc off.

TAG_VeNoM> im not asking cire for anything
TAG_VeNoM> fucking bog eyed cunt

YD_TheLawn> how posh r u
YD_TheLawn> posh boy

Leaving - Destroy ill be good unmuzzle me NIGGER
Destroy has entered the room
VeNoM has entered the room
Leaving - Destroy WTF unmuzzle me tithead.
Destroy has entered the room
Leaving - VeNoM has been banned
Leaving - Destroy has been banned

BoA_SubZero[PW]> whoops, one zero too many =D
BoA_SubZero[PW]> lol
YD_TheLawn> how long they banned 4
BoA_SubZero[PW]> des 6 hours
BoA_SubZero[PW]> ven got one 0 too many ;D

Lawn VS Vapor Argument

BlackFlag's Tarantula


Batch 6:

alkoholic187> lol doms nuttier then squirrel shit

EVA_MaD> i just took the biggest blackest rock like shit u'd ever imagine
EVA_MaD> the water hit my ass when it fell

Leaving - DOMINATOR has been banned
Leaving - Destroy has been banned
Leaving - Irrelevant has been banned
Leaving - TheLawn has been banned
Leaving - MaD has been banned

TAG_ShamonMF> stfu mad or i will proper turbo kick u m8.

TAG_ShamonMF> picture gandalf in a spiderman suit shagging a manakin.

HashBrown> you can always tell when gandy has a new smurf name because he breaks out in some argument
HashBrown> but then he quits befour someone notices
BADco_wings> and also he will quit
BADco_wings> if he gets owned in an igw
EVA_MaD> just change ur name to "9 year old little boy" and see if he messages u
EVA_MaD> then u will be able to tell

PRO-G35MT> I just gave birth to a peanut and corn studded brown boneless coiler all held together with a leaf of spinach
PRO-G35MT> it was beautiful
PRO-G35MT> I almost hated to flush it with just a couple photos

crusier> hmm... i wonder if Saddam wants a 'do over' ?

[08:02] BTU_Natas> hahaha i am far worse then venom destroy and domi combined.. i actually do know how to play ta
[08:02] BTU_Natas> sucks doesnt it

TAG_VeNoM> hi pop eye sup
TAG_Irrelevant> Whats pop eye sup mean mate?
TAG_VeNoM> means i punctured my eye in a car crash
TAG_VeNoM> like a fucking bog eyed silly twat.

Leaving - Starscream gandy is a poo head

PRO-G35MT> I hate it when I wake up in the middle of the night and she's farting in her sleep

Leaving - VenoM I like Beef Raiders.

Loctoppo> 2 more game 4 don't be shy
Loctoppo> or gay

LocFelon187> someone remind me why mad is still my friend
_Cooner_> because you want to be like him
LocFelon187> no i wanna be like u coon

CR_MIKO> join
CR_MIKO> 1 nigga needed

EVA_Alkoholic: man if we put our heads together itd be just as good as haveing 1
NorthSide XIV: nah dude
NorthSide XIV: if we put our heads together
NorthSide XIV: we might make 1/2
NorthSide XIV: we'd be better off alone

EVA_Alkoholic: will i be able to look at porn now ?
EVA_Alkoholic: with out fucking my shit up

EVA_MaDMaD> i jerk off to save the children
EVA_DeathDonor> save the children help the children feed the children ..i say fuck the children

EVA_DeathDonor> i wonder what the pilgrams did in the 1700 getting high with no TV or internet

BADco_SilverBolt> lol i dont know how to run the camra
You> click the button stupid
BADco_SilverBolt> no no diggy camra
You> turn it on and click the button !

BADco_SilverBolt> mad here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>co/ks line>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>me
EVA_DeathDonor> its mads here.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>im here >>>>>>>>>and ur here

EVA_DeathDonor> its the mile high stadium but i could stand below sea level and hit it ...with my big ass dick

EVA_MaDMaD> fuck the chefs
EVA_DeathDonor> lol fuck the donks

EVA_DeathDonor> u heard me i said "F U C K spacebar T H E spacebar D O N K S ."
F U C K spacebar Y O U spacebar BITCH
EVA_DeathDonor> i got a tube steak ...but u gotta work for the gravy

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