Total Annihilation Zone
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Welcome to the brand new Total Annihilation Zone! You will find everything that is needed to play online at MSN Zone. This is possibly the best real-time strategy game ever made. Take your time and have fun visiting the site. - R4cTice
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TA should be installed in correct order. TA,CC,BT,3.1 Patch, 500 or 5k patch, TA Recorder, 6 Cavedog units, then all the 3rd party maps.
You must have these to play online.
  • 3.1 Patch |8mb| The final patch for Total Annihilation, upgrades any version to the most recent.
  • 99b2 Recorder| Latest TA demo recorder.
  • Cavedog units| has the 6 cavedog units
  • Fixes
  • Zone Registry fix | Fixes registry issue.
  • McnTerra-NS | Solves issues watching replays.
  • No CD Patch | Dont need cd anymore.
  • 500 Unit Patch| Changes 250 max limit to 500.
  • 1500 Unit Patch | Makes it 1500 unit limit.
  • 5000 Unit Patch | Makes it 5000 unit limit.
  • Emg Patch | Turns off emg

  • Guys if you need CC, BT heck even TA this site seems to have it
    If a link doesnt work please email me at
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